The honeymoon period.


It was an exciting start to 2015 for us with the installation of our new Heidelberg Press. We made the £1m investment to replace our old press, which racked up some 150 million impressions in the 3 years we had it. You can read more about it in Print Week and the Herald Express. The new press is very similar to the old one, although the new version has an autoplate system that will improve our make readies by 2-3 minutes. Although this may not seem like a big time saving we are now averaging over 50 make readies per 12 hour shift, and running 6 days a week. So you can see when added up over the year just how many hours this new system could save. All of these time savings add to our efficiency, and more importantly for our customers; our ability to turn work around quicker.

Now we are almost 6 months into our love affair with our new press, the dust has settled and we really are seeing some evident improvements in efficiency for our delivery times on jobs and in fact overall print quality.

It’s always great when we receive good feedback from a job we’ve printed and these have definitely increased in the first few months of this year. If you want to get in touch and let me know how you have found our service, or quality please do drop me a line