My mammouth marathon journey


Marathon training at Kingfisher Print.

You may have read about my marathon quest in our personal goals blog posted at the beginning of 2015. If not, i'll quickly fill you in - I am currently in training for the 2015 London Marathon and hoping to raise lots of money for the Bobby Moore Fund 

One month into marathon training. What have I learnt?

Its very cold and dark at 5am!!

I used to like getting up early to go to the gym or train. For some reason I have found this a real struggle with my marathon training – most of my runs have been after work and it seems to be working ok for me. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer and the mornings lighter I will mix it up a bit.

I thought I would struggle with the long runs but I have actually found them ok. I’m up to 16 miles now and found the weekly long runs my most enjoyable. The hardest run of the week is my Monday 6 mile run, I just struggle with it every time. I think this just proves a lot of the training is all in your head, how can I run 16 miles one day no problem, but struggle to do 6 another?

Food is important, I guess I kind of thought I could eat what I wanted as I would be burning it off, but the days I eat lighter and healthy foods my runs are so much easier. Energy gels have been a godsend on the long runs, one before I set off and one every 6 miles give me plenty of energy and is keeping me pretty hydrated.

With the mileage I have put in I’m confident I am going to get round, I just want to build up my pace now to see if I can put in a respectable time, and raise lots of money for the Bobby Moore Fund. If you want to support me you can donate at Just Giving or via your mobile phone bill - just text RBBM93 + amount (i.e £1, £2, £5, £10, £50) to 70070.

I've been appreciating all of the motivating emails & tweets from customers, friends and colleagues - keep them coming please!