Blue Monday (apparently)..


We hope you think of us as a trusted print company but today we also hope that we can bring some sunshine and happiness on what is reported to be the most depressing day of the year. So here are our top 5 tips to avoid it….

1. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Get outside at lunch time, take a walk and breathe in that fresh, wintry air. How lucky we are to live in the West Country! Fun and free, walking only requires motivation and good ole’ comfortable shoes and they say that taking just 30 minutes of low impact exercise just five times a week can provide positive benefits and help to:

  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Reduce stress
  • Maintain healthy bones and muscles
  • Stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Help manage weight. 


2. Everyone needs time for fun – it’s good for the soul. Plan to take up a new hobby this year. Knitting, rock climbing, Spanish, cookery, DIY are just some of the planned activities amongst us here. Here’s a brilliant blog guide to help you find your perfect hobby.


3. It’s only a few more days until the weekend (who’s splitting hairs?). If you are lucky enough to live in Devon like us and Dartmoor is on your doorstep take a look at this Dartmoor walking guide – and take in the breath-taking views. My personal favourite with young children is the circular walk around Burrator (around 3.5 miles). If you still need convincing let us show you this amazing timelapse video again -


4. Get your cook-on and plan some hearty, vitamin-rich meals this week and order a healthy vegbox from our lovely print customers Riverford. If you are not that creative in the kitchen they have introduced a brilliant new ‘recipe box’ which contains all the ingredients you need to cook 3 tasty meals with step-by-step recipe cards.


5. Failing all of the above, stay in your warm, snuggly bed if possible and enjoy a duvet day watching movies! We’d quite fancy watching Boyhood out on DVD 6th January and nominated for ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars. Of course, none of us can do that here at Kingfisher Print & Design – we were in printing bright & early. If you too are at work today, look forward to snuggling up later tonight with a good movie instead!

Happy (blue) Monday folks.