Goals, goals and more goals. Personal, not football...


2015 is well and truly here – we had the best start to the New Year with the installation of our new Heidelberg XL75 which is now firing on all cylinders.

We spent the first working week of 2015 finalising our work goals for the coming year. But almost as importantly, as a team we set ourselves personal goals. We do it every year and see it as a good way of getting to know each other better, keeping up-to-date with our lives outside work and encouraging and supporting each other as colleagues, and friends to keep on track with those plans and targets.

It’s all about the work-life balance, right?

As a business we are open and honest and like to share our stories with you. But who the heck wants to hear about work goals? Everyone has them in some shape or form; sales figures, targets, waiting times, calls answered, print quality, holidays sold – every industry has goals. So we won’t bore you with ours – you are probably too wrapped up in your own to give ours a second glance.  

What we did think worth sharing was some of our personal goals for 2015 and some useful tips, info and guides we came across to help others too. We take it as you are reading this, you maybe a little bit interested in getting to know us a bit better, and maybe you have something in common with one of us – do tell us if so, we’d like to hear about yours too.

Here they are…

Ivan Percival, Press Team Leader

Ivan’s son is in his last year at school so lots of exams are on the horizon! Ivan’s main goal this year is to help and support him so he can achieve the best results he can. These tips for parents via the BBC are worth a look for any of you wrapped-up in the exam-whirlwind!


Ross Bellotti, Managing Director

Our MD doesn’t do things by halves. Most of ease into marathon running with a couple of cheeky half-marathons! But Ross is going for it – he’s in training to run the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2015 for the Bobby Moore fund and has set himself the challenge of running under 4 hours!

We are all right behind him and will be supporting him with his training plan (mostly hiding away all the cakes and doughnuts that frequent Kingfisher Print & Design!)

You can show your support -


John Drew, Production Manager

John is heading to Australia with his wife for a 5 week trip-of-a-lifetime. His goal is to enjoy every single second and soak up every moment. Our goal is to make sure he doesn’t check his work emails! The Rough Guides ‘things not to be missed’ list is worth checking out for anyone planning a trip down under.


Alison Williams, Finance Manager

Our Ali really wants to pack up smoking once and for all in 2015. She knows how bad the fags are. But we know how hard it is to quit. We are right behind her and will give her all the support we can! For anyone else thinking about quitting smoking this NHS link is really useful. You can do it Ali!


Alex Burgess, Production

Alex’s goal in 2015, and beyond, is to manage his diabetes more effectively. Alex has said that as a Type 1 Diabetic diet is very important and by following a Low GI plan it will make it easier for him to control. See some top tips from Diabetes UK Charity.

Alex also wants spend more quality time with his family – his little man has made him see what life is all about.


Suzie Penney, Customer Service

Suzie has been saving her pennies to take her little girl on surprise trip of lifetime to Disneyland Paris in 2015. With the trip planned for later this year Suzie is counting down the days and cannot wait to see her little girl’s face when she meets her favourite princesses (her daughters favourites, not her own…although a kiss from Prince Charming wouldn’t go amiss!) - Heart-melting stuff.

Just in case you needed any kind of excuse to visit Disneyland Paris here is a brilliant list of the must-see & must-do.


Jodie Fulton, Marketing

Now my little boy is at nursery and I have a bit of spare time I would like to start volunteering at the local Foodbank. Why the Foodbank? Mostly just gratefulness; I am lucky. My family is lucky – we have jobs, a home, and are well fed. Lots of people in the UK are struggling to feed their families for a whole host of reasons. That could be any one of us just have a look at the Trusell Trust statistics .

Also I’d like to make it back into my netball squad before the end of the season following a knee injury last year.


Jon Carkett, Bindery

JC is serious about fitness. After competing in triathlon’s previously he is now going for the big one – The UK Iron Man competition in Bolton on Sunday 19th July 2015. This UK Iron Man video should give you a flavour of what Jon is undetaking and for anyone who isn’t sure what’s involved in an Iron Man event let us break it down:

  • 2.4 mile sea/lake/river swim
  • 112 mile bike ride
  • 26.2 mile full marathon distance run

It is the pinnacle of human endurance sports - a multisport trial so difficult that anyone who even manages to complete it will be known for the rest of his or her life as an Ironman. Hat’s off to you Jon this is one serious endurance. And he is aiming complete his first ever Iron Man in under 14 hours and 15 mins.

Jon-the-Ironman-Carkett we will be supporting you all the way!


Wallace Clarke, Dispatch

Wallace was been busy working on renovating his house last year. But now it’s time to get some green fingers and redesign his garden in 2015. We found some really great tips and garden design advice on from the RHS on garden design. You never know, we may just see him at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2015!


Mark Ellis, Repro

Mark is keen to further his First Aid training following a real-life incident at the end of 2014. Find out more about First Aid training with the St John’s Ambulance and what to do in an emergency.


Kerry Downing, Studio Team Leader

Our lovely Kerry is due to pop off on maternity leave. Needless to say her personal goal for 2015 is to bring her baby safely into the world. (Then try and get some sleep!). We will miss her this year and cannot wait to meet her new addition for some serious snuggles! In the meantime Kerry let’s just add to all the baby advice you’ve no doubt already been given. And just to make you smile – this video is one of the reasons we all love babies.


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