Fairground attraction.


Getting inked?

Ink, or as some newbie’s to the print game call it - paint!

Ink has changed massively over the years, this product was originally made using loads of unsustainable products, crude oil being one. We now have a product which is made of vegetable minerals and sustainable products.

The down side to this is that the quality of the ink has not evolved as fast as the press technology and this causes problems as the presses now run superfast and the ink cannot always keep up!

This makes the viscosity of the ink poor which in turn causes ink fly. There will be more on this later!

The viscosity of the ink means that when the inking rollers on the press are spinning so fast the ink cannot hold on. You know when you are down at the funfair on the waltzers and you are shoved into the corner of the ride, usually by someone rather larger than yourself - well this is the same effect, you want to stay where you started but you just can’t hold on.

The ink flies off the rollers into tiny threads which float around and normally stick to the nearest solid thing they can find - no not the printer but the frames and guards of the press! Hence why when you look at a multi coloured press the units have a tinge of the colours that are mainly printed on them.

Ivan Percival, Print Room Team Leader