Paper problems


Where do we start with paper for print?

If you want a simple answer…

Well first chop down some trees, (sustainable of course), split them and chop them into tiny fibres, throw in some water and stir it all around. Next throw in some extra chemicals, optical brighteners, squeeze through a mangle whilst applying a coating and voila - a quality sheet of paper.

But that’s way too big for my Heidelberg press. So that large roll of paper that the mill produced is now cut down into sheets. The sizes for my press are SRA2, which is 640mm x 450mm and B2, which is 720mmx520mm.

There are many different sheet sizes available for a range of print presses but this is what we use here at Kingfisher Print & Design.

The paper is wrapped and shipped into the UK as most of the bigger mills are in Europe. We get most of our paper from PaperlinX. Once we receive the paper it should sit for 24 hours to warm itself to the ambient temperature of the press room. The reason this is done is to try and minimise the way the paper can stretch whilst going through the press.

So once the paper is ambient warm it is loaded into the press, and when we finally print on it we squeeze the living daylights out of it, and just to top it off, we then put a coating on and force dry it at around 35 degrees.

All in all I ask you, what on earth can go wrong?

Ivan Percival, Print Room Team Leader