Germany - not the dark side of the gloom.


Kodak NexPress training week

Germany was a revelation. Far from the grim, grey, rain washed northern industrial town we expecting, Kiel was for the most part a lovely city in which to spend a week under the wing of Kodak. The lovely Sarita at Kingfisher Print & Design had created a perfect itinerary for Simon and myself, and the plan ran like clockwork.

The week’s training was not at all what we expected. We both thought there may be a degree of maintenance and theory but after four days of not even running a job we were getting a bit concerned.

Me and mechanics are like chalk and cheese. Replacing image cylinders, swapping drive belts and cleaning web transfers is a real change for me but with Torsten, our German tutor we had a man with the patience of a saint. And he needed it. Despite our best attempts at trying to rebuild his demo machine for him, he guided us through the hardware that sits inside the NexPress, explaining the need for the rigorous maintenance procedures.

On the last day we did eventually run a job for the first time. When you saw the fantastic quality that came off the press (Kodak of course selected the best professional images they had, and used the enhancement package) the importance of maintenance and keeping the press in optimum condition made perfect sense.

Of course after such grueling days in Kodak’s demo suite you had to kick back in the evenings. Luckily around our hotel we had a vast range of restaurants to choose from, serving food from many different countries. That’s when we decided to eat our way around the world in a foodie version of the World Cup. Portuguese, Brazilian (twice), Italian, American and German eateries were tackled. All had delicious nosh (and are decent footballing nations too). The bonus being all venues were a stones through from the hotel and most surprising to me - great value for money. The winner? Hands down it was Portugal - a fab night in Bistro Madeira.

The experience with Kodak was superb. Professional throughout and worth every minute of being on-site with experts. I must say a big Thank you to our MD Ross for giving me and Simon the opportunity to train in the best environment and bring back the knowledge gained in Germany to Kingfisher Print & Design.

Mark Ellis, Pre-Press Team Leader