The dark art of folding...


The dark art of folding has moved on now to an almost fully automated lock and load precision with the Heidelberg KH82 high speed folder. My team of highly skilled operators have had this kit now for nearly 18 months and here is what they have to say about it:

'Not only does it maximise production, but the precision of the fold goes hand in hand. Think of it like origami on red bull!'

This machine gives us results which were simply unobtainable 2 years ago.

With a process that involved cut/crease/fold, we now hold an 8pp A4 landscape sheet up to 250GSM perfectly. And with a little help from our friends at tech-in-fold we can score inline at speed to a finish that looks a million pounds!

It’s been a dream addition – especially for our estate agent customers who rely on quick, efficient and quality turnaround.