It's all in the finish


Ironically in finishing, preparation is key.

My alarm goes off at 4:15am (iPhone classic in case you are wondering). It sounds like the evacuation alarm from some space ship being attacked by aliens! It does the trick though and I'm soon up and ready, heading from Plymouth to Totnes for another day in the finishing department at Kingfisher Print & Design.

Ironically in finishing, preparation is key. And speaking from a triathlete’s point of view, the transition can make or break the race. I tend to arrive before the rest of the team and prep the workload for the day. We call it format retention and the focus is to stay in format for as long as possible - this minimises make readies (more on this later) and maximises production. Which in turn enhances the end cost to the customer – everyone’s a winner.

We work to a tried and tested method. It's not rocket science - you just don't compromise your set-ups. I am in a lucky position here at Kingfisher Print & Design, with over 270 years of combined experience across my team of 8. In finishing rarely do we come across a problem that we can't tackle together tapping into a wealth of print finishing knowledge.

I guess that’s just one of the reasons why our customers keep on coming back to us – our team’s knowledge and experience really do make us experts in print & design.

Jon Carkett, Bindery Team Leader