October 2015 - employee of the month


Meet our employee of the month - Mike Trotter, from the Repro department.

This month there was only one option in my eyes.

Mike Trotter's efforts in the repro department have been nothing short of amazing.

Supported by Keith and Andy, the way Mike has gone about getting on with the job and keeping everything going has been noted and appreciated by everyone I have spoke to.

Well done Mike I really can’t thank you enough.

A special mention for October must also go to... John Ellis.
All the members of the raft race team have mentioned the amazing help from John Ellis. Not only for building the raft in the recent Raft Race, but for the help from him and his wife Pam on the day was nothing short of amazing.

I know how much the guys really appreciated it so we will be giving John and Pam some vouchers to show our appreciation.

Thank you!