Customer Survey... the results are in


Here at Kingfisher Print & Design, we are always striving to improve our performance.
We are proud to announce that we are bucking the industry trend by consistently achieving excellent levels of Customer Care & Satisfaction. 

We asked your for your honest feedback about your experiences across the board; from initial enquiries, through to after sales support.

We greatly value the feedback that we have recieved and will be using your comments to help refine and develop our service. Thank you to all those who took part and we look forward to working with you all again on future projects.

View the results of our recent customer survey.
There were 90 responses to the email survey that we released in August and we have summarised the feedback below.

  • 95% of our customers rate our Customer Service from 'Very Good to Outstanding'.
  • 94% of our customers rate us as 'Very to Extremely Responsive'.
  • 91% of our customers rate our service as 'Very to Extremeley Professional'.
  • 90% of our customers rate our printing & finishing as 'Excellent to Outstanding'.
  • The top 3 phrases used to describe our service were: 'High Quality', 'Reliable' and 'Good Value for Money'.
  • 95% of our customers commended our account managers for handling their projects 'Very to Extremely Well'.
  • 63% of our customers have been with us for 3 or more years.
  • 84% of customers would actively recommend us.
  • 88% of our customers fedback that we keep to deadlines 'Very or Extremely Well'.
  • 97% of our customers would use us again.

Kingfisher Print & Design Customer Survey Feedback & Reults

Print Week, the highest-circulating and most widely read printing industry title in the UK, have released research that concludes the level of service within the Print Industry falls well below par (view the article from Print Week here).

1000 participants fed back that only 18% of British consumers are satisfied with the way that printers handle their phone calls, making print the worst performing industry. This highlights the misconception that 80% of printing companies believe they are already providing an above average level of customer service. (the Directors Centre). A study conducted by Ovum, calculates that 76% of consumers stopped doing business with a brand, following a bad customer service experience.

“Poor call handling is a constant bugbear for the British consumer but, despite this, it appears that printers have still not risen to the challenge of achieving best practice." says PH Media Group sales and markeint director Mark Williamson.

Throughout the recent recession, it highlighted how critical it was to survival that businesses kept customers happy and engaged. Continual communication and clear expectations are the key to customer satisfaction. This is how our Managing Director, Ross Bellotti feels Kingfisher Print have maintained the high level of customer engagement.

Yet, the return of a strong economy once again threatens the customer experience focus. As we enter a stronger and more stable economy, it is likely that we will see a tendency for businesses to let this Customer Experience focus slip once more (Until the next recession hits of course).

"As a company grows, a lack of focus leads to the decline of standards in Customer Service." Forbes Magazine.

The increased appetite for consumers to complain is reportedly underpinned by a growing cynicism about company motives with 33% of consumers reporting that they believe businesses are only interested in money.

The determination to focus on the customer above all else, has seen Kingfisher Print & Design continually grow and develop our business independently of the state of the economy.

We will never stop believing in the importance of the single customer

Regardless of advances in technology and the development of automated service products, we will always provide the best service experience to our customers and communicate with them in the way that they wish. We will never stop believing in the importance of the single customer.

Quality print alone won’t save the day

Long gone are the days when the quality of your product above all else would give you a competitive advantage. Relying on this aspect of your service today will only get you so far. Equipment these days, is much of a muchness. With everyone having access to the same or similar printing technology, you no longer have that extended point of difference to your product. Providing a complete solution in terms of customer service complimented by a quality product or service, will be the competitive advantage that will help to engage and retain customers going forward in to the next decade.

We take an open and honest approach to dealing with any customer issues at Kingfisher. I take each comment and concern personally, knowing that feedback is key to the ongoing development of our family business. If we would have done it for our 1st customer, we will do it for our 10,000th.

Thriving on a network of UK wide business and industry relationships, Kingfisher Print & design have built a solid reputation for providing quality print, quality service and outstanding performance.